Tap Into The Secret "Persuasion" Powers That Big Government, Religion, & Master Mind Controllers Do NOT Want You To Know...

Does Life Feel Like A Rigged Game? Do Your Best Efforts Always Seem To Fall Flat? Do You Feel Powerless? Then Read Every Word Of This Important Message.

From The Desk Of Charles Steed:

Are You Getting Your Fair Share Of Life's Rewards?

You’ve got the strong feeling something just isn’t right… And you’ve had it for a while. You work hard, pay more than your fair share in taxes, you’re a law abiding citizen, a peaceful, productive member of society, but still, something’s missing. But it's not your fault, not completely anyway.

Despite your best efforts, you never seem to get ahead. And what makes it worse is, people with far less talent and resources are often doing very well. Sound familiar? More and more of us are feeling the same thing, MASSIVE FRUSTRATION.

So what’s the answer? Forget the answer! Before you go looking for answers you need to be asking the right questions. And almost no one is asking them.

Life's Shell Games... False Appearances

Every day our society becomes more of a rigged game against the people who actually keep the wheels turning, you and me. And why do we accept a rigged game so readily? Because the people in control use dark persuasion techniques and intimidation to sell their hidden agendas.

If you listen closely you can almost hear these bloodsuckers shouting, “Hey everyone, look over there.” Then they point to some phony crisis while they're busy picking our pockets with some completely unrelated dirty trick.

Maybe you’ve noticed some of this funny stuff lately:

The two party system ain’t what it used to be. In fact, it smells really funky because it appears both the red and blue teams are selling us out wholesale.

The nightly news rarely tells it like it really is. And what they do report is designed to instill fear and worry, another subtle manipulation technique that keeps people off balance.

Major religious organizations are swamped in controversy and scandal.

Schools are turning out graduates that can barely read, write and do simple arithmetic.

Banks & major brokerage houses along with big businesses are loaded with grab-all-you-can-get con artists and thieves while the government appears to be their partner in the plunder.

Degenerates in entertainment and professional sports have become social icons and role models. Ugh!

But to listen to the puppetmasters tell it, we’re on a steady course of financial recovery and stability. Baloney!

Same As It Ever Was

Okay, here’s the deal. Since the beginning of civilization people in power have been manipulating the masses to their advantage. And that’s what Dark Persuasion Techniques is all about... Recognizing their game for what it is and insulating yourself against intimidation and manipulation.

And... The methods you’ll discover in Dark Persuasion Techniques will protect you from dishonest individuals as well as the major manipulative forces in the world. There's just one catch, you've got to use them.

Open Season On Sacred Cows

In Dark Persuasion Techniques we’re going to go past the many false appearances generally accepted by the masses to what’s real. Here are a few of the cornerstone institutions offering up illusions designed to keep the herd moving as they see fit.

  • Governments, including the entire group of Commissions, Agencies, Bureaus, and Other Entities Designed to “Help” Us

  • Religious organizations of all types

  • Big Business & Industry

  • The Banking Industry & Large Stock Brokers

  • The Media, including print, TV, Film, & the Web

  • Mainstream Advertising Agencies

  • The Military

  • Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Intelligence Agencies: CIA, Britain's MI6 & the Moussad

  • Labor Unions

  • The Entertainment Industry

  • Independent Freelance Scam Artists

  • More...

If you have some sort of devotion to any of the above be warned that what you’ll find in Dark Persuasion Techniques will make you uncomfortable, but seeing the truth for what it is can do that. 


Mini Case Study Of Dark Persuasion


Now here’s an example of “anything goes” manipulation in print. I once had a writing assignment to promote a how to make money online product. The author of the course claimed he made $600 for 10 minutes work and wanted to use that at the top of the ad. 

The truth is, he’d closed a $600 deal on a 10-minute phone call. Okay. Fine, right? But what he refused to admit was that it had taken him three weeks of personal visits and phone calls to get to the point where he closed the client. He insisted that “technically” he’d made $600 in ten minutes. 

This is a fairly common practice for some. It’s called lying by omission. A lie by omission is one where someone withholds relevant information or facts that would affect your decision had you known them up front. Total and complete manipulation. And it's VERY common everywhere in our society.

This is only one example of the deception you’ll learn to recognize. And… this stuff doesn’t just happen in sales. It comes from business, government, the media and unscrupulous individuals as well. 

With Dark Persuasion Techniques you’ll easily learn to recognize every dirty trick the schemers have in store and easily avoid being taken advantage of.


Is This Secret Mind Control Technology?

Not at all. I’m simply talking about recognizing things for what they are so you can easily sidestep those looking to manipulate you for their own benefit. 

Is Dark Persuasion Techniques a guide on how to manipulate people? Absolutely not! Though unscrupulous individuals could wreak havoc with the techniques. 

Dark Persuasion Techniques is a comprehensive and revealing guide illustrating exactly how people in power use emotion along with blatant deception to control individuals and the masses. Of course, the world is loaded with freelance parasites as well, and this information will protect you from them along with the big boys. 

Wake Up Call… The True Nature Of Dark Persuasion

Whether it’s coming from an individual, local group, the media, big business, so-called good causes, the advertising industry, the government or any other entity, dark persuasion techniques are literally designed to get you off balance so you’re conditioned to turn over money, freedom, free choice, labor, your free time and everything else you value.

What is Dark Persuasion? The Following Is A Short List The Concepts:

Candy coated lies, deception & fraud

Deliberate, calculated guilt trips designed to move you toward serfdom or away from the truth, according to a particular agenda

The clever use of fear, pride, envy, class warfare and more

Using your own integrity against you

Selling one concept and delivering something entirely different

Accepting blatant deception without question because it comes from “authority” figures and trusted institutions

The use of subtle confusion to fool the masses

Promising security in a world where no such promise can ever be honored


Enjoy The Many Benefits Of This 
Insightful Information

  Imagine the “sigh of relief for the soul” you’ll experience knowing you can take control of your own destiny and say goodbye to manipulative people.

  Stop driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the break. Wait, that isn’t your foot on the brake, but now you have the power to remove the outside friction in your life and start living to your fullest potential.

  Immediately acknowledge a power surge of self esteem. You’ll never feel like a victim again

  Feel confident in knowing you’ll have the power to stand up to those looking to keep you down.

  Radiate silent confidence as you eliminate the uncertainty that’s placed your life on hold.

  Silently know you can face any situation where you were previously challenged and stand up to those whose mission is to exploit your good nature.

You’ll discover exactly how mind control really works, and you’ll uncover the secrets that those in power have held close to the chest for generations.



I wanted to tell you about something REALLY special today...

Today's WSO of the Day is truly different, but in a really good way. What you are about to see can give you an EXTREMELY unfair advantage, but at the same time will level the playing field for you.

"...This is meaty, heady stuff ... and, at this price, there's nothing else in the market that can touch it..."

Hundreds of copies have been sold, and the verdict is VERY good from Warriors of all backgrounds and skill levels. One reviewer says this should be a must-read for everyone coming into I.M., and I have to agree.

"…an AWESOME read. Don't take my word for it though..." Mike Lantz, Owner Warrior Plus





I read this ebook over the weekend and I must say that it is very interesting reading. By that, I mean that you will learn things, of course, but it was simply fascinating to read - no offense to anyone else out there, but few write this stuff up in a truly engaging way.

When I was given a copy to read, I fully expected to have it finished in an evening as I'm a very fast reader but this is NOT one of those books you read in an hour or two.

One, it's not written in the oversize font with tons of white space to pad the pages out - there's close to 90 pages of actual material and it's dense pages of content. 

Two, it's material that will make you think. Seriously! You will also start recognizing a good many people in your lives and what they are doing to manipulate you. Forewarned is forearmed, they say - once you can recognize what's going on, it's much easier to sidestep those who manipulate you in a negative way.

While I learned some things that I can use in a positive way, I think the greatest value for me in this ebook is that I now can recognize some things that I failed to see before. Now I can take action to avoid some of the traps that have been set for me, both online and off. 

Great job... This one is a keeper and will stay in my e-library for reading again and again.

Tina Golden 




In a word “Fascinating”….

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this and I have to say it’s not like any other guide I have ever read.

I am quite interested in the subject but I must admit

that sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my head around this stuff. However, this was written in an intelligent, entertaining and easy to understand way. I’m usually a skimmer (especially with something that is 89 pages) but this PDF was so well written and easy to understand I was riveted on every word.

For me, it made me see things a bit differently and realize some of the situations that I have been manipulated in myself! After reading it I can clearly see many instances of this type of manipulation happening all around me and particularly in some of the IM launches of late.

This book is a great read and one I will most likely refer to many times. I think this would benefit most everyone, But if you decide to buy it, be warned … You might look at the world a little differently after you are done reading it. 

Lee Dobbins




So, How Do I Know So Much?

By now you might be wondering how I know so much about dark persuasion. And that would be a valid question. So before getting into the meat of Dark Persuasion Techniques I’d like to share a little about my background.

After serving as a medic in the Navy in the early 1980s I was discharged and continued on in healthcare as a registered nurse. Nursing is a field where it is important to always be observing those under your care. This is where I began to notice particular exploitable patterns of human behavior.

It was very interesting the way family members would motivate their loved ones when visiting. They sometimes treated them like children, and often with the desired results. Other members of the healthcare team would also occasionally use coercive measures such as guilt, envy, jealousy, fear and other psychological tricks to motivate and persuade patients to do what they needed.

What I discovered during this 15+ year experience were patterns of very predictable cause and effect behaviors when a certain stimulus was offered.

Entrepreneur Days

Following my healthcare days, I went into real estate investing and continued to observe very much the same types of behavior. But in the business world, people were far less guarded about their use of emotion and deception to get what they wanted. Investing in real estate eventually led me to trading the stock market, which could literally serve as a training grounds for human predatory behavior

Since the Navy days I’d been an enthusiastic student of self improvement and hypnosis. So in the early part of the 2000s I became certified as a hypnotherapist and a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP. Each phase of my adult life brought more experience in the observation and study of alternative methods of human motivation. I’ve also written and published four physical books and scores of electronic publications on a wide variety of topics.


This book explains a lot. 

Now I know why I keep falling for nonsense! It was easy for me to pick out which personality type I match and say, "duh". 

Why didn't I see that?

A very good read that will help you learn when you're being manipulated and probably save you some money.

Rose Anderson 




I just read through Dark Persuasion - The Psychology Of Manipulation.

Well written, intelligent, insightful and entertaining, this book draws you in and really makes you think.

The case studies and examples expose often hidden manipulative sub-agendas that others will be using to control your behaviour. With the information here you will easily spot the game-players and avoid their traps (if you want to)!

On the dark side of the coin, this book would also serve as a blueprint for someone who wanted to be better at manipulation.
Good work.... Instant classic.



Knowledge is Power, Right? WRONG
Relevant & Organized Knowledge Is Power

The information you'll find in Dark Persuasion Techniques primarily falls under the heading of motivational psychology. But you won’t find many books that lay it out as I’ve done. This is a comprehensive study of human manipulation and intimidation originating with the planet's first manipulators and progressing all the way up to our present-day topsy turvy society.


The information contained in Dark Persuasion Techniques is extremely exclusive & tremendously powerful. Information such as this is like fire. Fire can warm you or it can burn you. It simply depends on how it's used. 

But like fire, the techniques covered in this comprehensive guide are also like a powerful double-edged sword. Use them for purposes other than self preservation and the protection of loved ones, and you're on your own. In other words, what goes around, comes around. Enough Said.


Each section of the guide is written in easy-to-understand language. Nearly all of the sections are written with an introduction to the concept and then with a true-to-life and often humorous anecdotes making the point crystal clear. I've found people learn better through the use of stories because stories make a concept come alive as well as to make the point more interesting and enjoyable. Stories are also known to dramatically increase comprehension and retention.


Persuasion is the name of the game when it comes to effective marketing and Dark Persuasion Techniques takes you directly inside the secrets of how to use it.


Great job 

James Campbell


Dark Persuasion Techniques
is a comprehensive 89-page guide of literally every coercive technique known to humans. Some are fairly easy to spot while others are far more covert and are used by secret societies like the CIA, Britain’s MI6, the Mossad and others. 

See Things For What They Really Are...

The reason I’ve written Dark Persuasion Techniques is to blow the whistle on the human parasites who are literally willing to buy and sell you to the highest or lowest bidder, to them it doesn’t matter. Enough is enough. It's time to take back your life!


Take A Look At Some Specifics Covered 
In Dark Persuasion Techniques

I Believe In Delivering The Goods. 
Just Some Of What You'll Find In 
Dark Persuasion Techniques:

  Government’s Real Purpose And How They Easily Achieve It. pages 6-7, 13-16

  The Down & Dirty Truth On Religious Organizations… True Worship Is Secondary To Their Real Mission. page 14

  Dark Persuasion: Cults, Crusades, Lame Causes & More… The Bare Naked Truth On Recruiting & Control Tactics. pages 6-7

  Discover How To Easily Sidestep Every Possible Form Of Manipulation, Coercion, & Intimidation . the entire guide

  Learn The Powerful Techniques Others Use To Subtly Get Their Way With You. pages 6-7

  Discover The 4 Pillars Of Power And Never Again Be Subservient. pages 6-7, 13-16 

  Manipulation Tricks Your Mother Never Taught You. pages 75

  Manipulation Through Subtle Confusion… Have You Been A Willing Victim?  pages 16, 38, 54

  A Stupidly Simple Behavior That Can Make All The Difference In Avoiding Your Enemies, & Those Seeking To Exploit You.  page 35

  Avoid These Subtle & Blatant Attacks & Accusations and Increase Your Power Immensely.  pages 18, 20-21, 32

  Pavlov Proved What We All Knew Since The Beginning Of Time pages 23-25

  How Pride Kills! Don’t Be A Victim pages 26, 69



Mini Case Study Of Dark Persuasion


I’m going to give you another specific example of what I’m talking about and how you’re going to easily sidestep deliberate landmines in the future.

I was chatting with a copywriter online. He was saying that I’d make a lot more money if I marketed this guide as one where people would be able to use the concepts to manipulate others. He said people don’t want to protect themselves from dark persuasion they want to practice it. I refuse to arm malicious people so I held my ground.

Finally, he said that all sales is manipulation. Now, this is what he believes. This is the mindset he assumes when he writes. Are you prepared for what this guy might do to get a sale? Read on...


Dark Persuasion Techniques is set up in a logical fashion and starts with a section titled False Appearances and The Roots of Dark Persuasion. See, to work their Voodoo the puppetmasters both large and small need to have us believe certain things.

What they need more than anything else is for us to believe they are looking out for, or actually helping us. But nothing could be farther from the truth.


I was given a copy of this report and I have to be honest, I was skeptical. A lot of things in this "niche" are all about conspiracy theories and don't give any real information, but this is different.

I would highly recommend this report, especially for marketers. I never realized how easily I am being manipulated in ways I had never even thought of! I'm sure every one of you has been taken advantage at one time or another. If so, this product is for you. It will make you think and help you to realize ahead of time when you are about to be influenced allowing for better decision making.

On the flip side, these techniques can also be applied to do the opposite. If used responsibly and ethically this report could also serve to help your marketing. As an aspiring copywriter I know I pulled quite a few gems from this.

Amanda T 



Even More Benefits In Reclaiming Your Power!

Just imagine how exhilarating and vibrant life will be once you internalize these liberating principles and begin living on your own terms. 

Enjoy newfound confidence and self-reliance knowing you are your own person. Never again squirm, grovel or bow to anyone again.

Feel the relief that comes from making progress and taking your life back. 

Eliminate much of the stress that causes health and happiness challenges.

Experience the self-assured tranquility you'll develop around your newfound freedom and pass it on as a living example to family, friends and others you might influence.

Enjoy new prosperity and meaningful relationships once you discard old ineffective beliefs and programming that hasn’t served you.


So, what's in the actual Dark Persuasion Techniques Guide?

Here’s The Life-Changing Information You’ll Find In Dark Persuasion Techniques

Section One: False Appearances & The Roots of Dark Persuasion 
Almost nothing is as it appears to be, so this is reality check time. Manipulation and coercion started with religion and moved to government and then to business and the media.

Section Two: A Day In Grammar School
This is a humorous though disturbing look at an imaginary grammar school where the teachers have all departed leaving the students in control. The parallels to our society in this little drama are absolutely frightening.

Section Three: The Four Pillars of Misinformation
In this section we’ll briefly examine the deceptions and control methods advanced by:

  • Governments

  • Religious Organizations

  • Big Business

  • The Media

Section Four: The Nine Precepts Of Dark Persuasion
In this section we look at the fundamental human motivators individually. Understanding these precepts is essential to the rest of the guide as all malicious motivational techniques stems from these basic principles. 

Section Five: Dark Persuasion In Practice: 28 Dark Persuasion Scenarios
In this section you’ll witness dark persuasion techniques practiced within the confines of many of society’s natural settings. This section also contains two examples of how covert hypnosis and NLP is used to persuade, motivate, and often deceive.

Section Six: 15 Common Personality Types & Why They’re Easy Targets Of Dark Persuasion
This section explores 15 vulnerable personality types illustrating why each is subject to exploitation. For most readers this is where it gets all too real because they're able see bits of themselves in the humorous examples.

Section Seven: A Case Study Of Manipulation and Intimidation… From Gifts To Guilt To Rage & Anger… The Progressive Flow Of Manipulation
This account is based on a case of abuse and manipulation that played out in the late 1990s around an unconventional work environment. This section clearly illustrates 15 different manipulation methods and is designed to help pull all the concepts together.

Section Eight: Short & Sweet… Down & Dirty… Pandering Maneuvers Your Mother Didn’t Teach You, Or Maybe She Did 
This short section is loaded with brief yet powerful ideas, concept, theories and models designed to immunize you from the many schemes of the exploiters. Here you'll notice the subtle manipulation and coercion you've often simply taken for granted. A real eye opener.

Section Nine: The Power Of Words
How to get your way using emotionally charged words, phrases, slogans, sound bits, popular controversial talking points and more. Simply put, how the tricksters keep you off balance with loaded words, emotional slogans, guilt, fear, intimidation, and more. This section is written with literal examples along with more than 40 words and phrases designed to push your buttons.


This is seriously one badass piece of work. 

If you're in the Warrior Forum... and especially the WSO forum... it's tremendously important to recognise and understand when people are trying 

to manipulate and control you. Every copywriter knows that the way to get higher conversion is to engage the emotions, and we all learn how to "trick" people into feeling and behaving certain ways... but the ethical among us don't cross certain lines.

And that's where this guide comes in. It points out those lines. It's a really, really good idea to know where those lines are, so you can keep yourself safe in the wild wastelands of marketing and sales. That way, you can cut through the tricks and subterfuge, and make smarter - better - decisions about what you buy. 

Not your usual WSO, by any stretch of the imagination. And think of it this way: all this guide has to do is protect you from buying one crap product, and you're in the black. 

Two thumbs up from me, and an absolute no-brainer.

Caliban Darklock


Dark Persuasion Techniques  A Boost To Your Career Or Business...

With bare bones human motivation behaviors exposed, consider how powerful this information would be in your career. Could you increase your effectiveness in interpersonal relationships using these techniques? Oh, yes. That's part of the reason I'm offering it, for the good it can do. Again, it's all in how you use it.

Consider what Dark Persuasion Techniques  
can do for your career:

Use These Powerful Human Motivational Techniques At Home, In Your Business, At Work, And To Advance Your Career. Who Can Benefit From This Powerful Information?

  Teachers & College Professors
  Social Service Workers
  Counselors & Therapists Of All Types
  Sales & Marketing People
  Doctors, Nurses & Other Healthcare Professionals   
  Cosmetology & Beauty Professionals
  Businesses Folks With High Levels Of Human Contact
  Recruiting & Fundraising Professionals
  Entertainers & Artists
  Members Of The Clergy
Police, Law Enforcement Agents, Penal Professionals
Students Of All Types

I’ve put everything I have into Dark Persuasion Techniques. This is not some cheesy eBook with worn out, copy and pasted stuff from around the Internet. This guide contains 89 pages and more than 32,000 words of terrific information. And it's all original work.



The ONLY "Anti Mind Control" Manual You'll EVER Need!

I've read tons of mind control, hypnosis and psychology books in my day, although I'm only 23 years old, and I can honestly mark "Dark Persuasion Techniques" as a rejuvenating piece of brilliant work.

This course is a necessity for you if you're a breathing human being would wants to take life by the horns and influence others instead of being influenced all the time.

"Dark Persuasion Techniques" opens the way to complete self-control and what's even more thrilling - to complete control of everyone around you!

Fantastic Read. Thanks

Igor Kheifets



More Specifics Covered 
In Dark Persuasion Techniques

Sick & Tired Of Running The Rat Race?
Unlock The Door To Personal Freedom & Peace Of Mind Using This Guide 

  Subtle, & Confusing Bait & Switch Tactics You’ll Hardly Notice & Pay The Price When You Don’t. page 38

  You Just Keep Me Hangin’ On... Get Hip To This And Take Control Of Your Life. page 47

  Exposing The Fairness Fallacy. pages 49, 69

  The Pitfalls Of Self Delusion. page 45

  Discover Why Unnecessary Risk Can Take You Out Of The Game. page 65 

  Herd Behavior… What You Don’t Know Can Kill You. page 6

  Discover Why People Offering Security Can Never Deliver. Understand This Simple Concept And Break Free From Control By Others. pages 36, 75, 79

  Get Hip To The Tricks Of People Who Will Pick Your Pocket While You Smile & Thank Them. pages 6,7, 70-74

  Integrity… It Ain’t For Everyone And That's What Makes It Good For You! Discover Why. pages 45, 69

  Easily Learn The Trick To Attaining Laser Focus In All You Do… Manipulators Don’t Want This Out There. pages 36, 58

  Start Saying No To Suspicious Gifts… Ignore This & You’ll Live In Misery. page 37

  Secrets, Secrets, Who’s Got The Secrets? This One Is A Shocker. page 42

  Discover How To Spot The Pretenders, Con Men & Others Out To Eat Your Lunch. pages 1-80

  Why Everything You Thought You Knew Is Wrong. pages 6-16

  A Stupidly Simple, Yet Powerful Tactic That Will Drive Your Oppressors & Enemies To The Brink Of Madness… And It’s So Easy A Child Can Do It Effortlessly. pages 40, 75



I checked out Dark Persuasion and was somewhat skeptical at first...

You see, I've read many books on this topic and have studied human nature, psychology, persuasion, and hypnotic language patterns for 

many years. I wasn't sure if this was just rehashed information, or if I'd learn anything new...

I must say, Dark Persuasion is IN DEPTH.

In this world we live, everything you get in life comes from other people. Your persuasive power helps you manifest what you want.

Even more, the knowledge contained in this book will help you protect yourself from those who would use this type of deception to extract values from you... like politicians, ministers, and the like...

Scott Lambency 


Not Your Average Psychology Stuff...

You could study conventional human psychology from now until doomsday and never find human motivation techniques presented the way you’ll find them in this great guide. But this material is definitely not at all like a stuffy psychology book. 

It’s one thing to recognize the occasional and often casual exploitation around a particular emotion and set of circumstances. But it’s something very different to see the wide array of exploitive devices woven together to demonstrate how malicious tricksters deliberately work certain games to their own devious ends.

More Of What You'll Find In 
Dark Persuasion Techniques

Insulate Yourself & Family From The Parasites & Enjoy Life 

  Cheaters, Liars, Thieves & Con Men All Use This Trick… Discover What It Is & Break Free From The Herd  page 30 

  Learn How Simply Paying Attention While Others Are Snoozing Will Tip Your Life To The Upside Forever. pages 6-16, 30

  A Lie, Is A Lie, Is A Lie… Or Is It? Yet, Another Subtle Trick Manipulators Love. pages 17, 38, 61

  The One & Only Time It’s Okay To Be A Victim of Dark Persuasion Techniques. page 64

  Spot These 15 Personality Types Before They Spot You. pages 66-70

  Recognize This Short List Of Emotionally Charged Words And Break Free From The Clutches Of Coercion. pages 75-79
  Common Advertising Ploys We All Understand & Still Fall For... Isn't It Time To See Them For What They Really Are?  pages 21, 38

  Thwart Your Opponents Efforts By Using Their Own Beliefs Against Them. pages 45, 58

  Consistency Is For Suckers In Most Cases. pages 58, 70

  Play Dumb And Prosper. page 52

  How The Manipulators Use Anger To Rob You Blind And Steal Your Power. pages 21, 66, 70



Mini Case Study Of Dark Persuasion


Words Have Specific Meanings

Have you noticed how often the word “hater” gets thrown around these days? It wasn’t that long ago that it was a word used by mostly by adolescents and teens. But now it’s making its way into the mainstream. The word can be a powerful emotional trigger.

I got into a discussion recently and the person I was talking to dismissed my premise calling me a hater. I stopped him cold in his tracks and asked him how hate worked its way into the discussion. He backed down immediately and said it was only an expression. 

As soon as you allow someone to call you a hater you’re dancing to their tune and playing defense. No one wants to be known as someone who hates. And it often takes nothing more than a simple disagreement for someone to play the “hater” card. This is just one of many emotionally charged words people use to intimidate and manipulate. Don’t let them get away with it.


With Dark Persuasion Techniques you’ll have the tools, knowledge and techniques to overcome and actually reverse the oppression. There’s only one other thing you’ll need, desire. 

But I think it’s safe to say that if you’ve gotten this far in this message, you’re ready to take control of your life and start earning what you’re worth. And.. you'll also start enjoying relationships with others based on true closeness and companionship rather than on underhanded, manipulative and deceptive games.



I have read books on persuasion and psychology for years and this is right up there with some of my favorites and that says a lot!

This is a very easy read and I can almost guarantee that once you get started you are not going to want to put this down. You will look at your day to day interactions in a whole new way!

Not only is the main product awesome but the BONUSES are amazing as well!

Tim Nesbitt



Who Should Buy This Guide?

  Professionals who need a better handle on motivating others...

  Parents looking to get the most out of relationships with their kids...

  Individuals wanting to break free from the coercive influence of others...

  If you’re not living up to your full potential because you’re mysteriously sidetracked time and again by people looking to play you...

  If you’re sick and tired of tricksters beating you to life’s real rewards...

  If you’d like to sidestep fear and intimidation and take action on your true potential...

  If you long to reduce stress, increase joy, and be all you can be...

  If you’re just getting started in life and would like to have a massive head start...

  If you continuously find yourself in a seemly endless string of unfulfilling relationships... 

  If you want to immediately recognize people with devious ulterior motives...

  If you want to better understand human motivation, yourself and those around you...

  If you’re looking for an immediate boost in self esteem and self worth...

  If you want to use your new anti-manipulation skills to become known as someone who gets results...

  If you want to finally walk with confidence knowing you’re the master of your own life...

  If you want to give someone the gift of personal freedom...

  If you’re looking for a massive amount of truly relevant, life-changing information for an unbelievably low, low price...

You NEED This Guide!

Dark Persuasion Techniques Is a 
Digital Download In PDF Format



One Word. WOW!

After reading the book, my mind went back to this one phrase from page 32.

Humans can be so predictable it's frightening. Being aware that others realize what to expect from you could give you the awareness to insulate yourself from the dark persuader wishing to exploit a predictable behavior. And now I understand.

Thank you,
Wes H.



Okay, Let’s Sweeten The Offer Up Some…

I believe in offering products of extraordinary value. I know I like to get a great deal when I buy something and I’m sure you do too. Dark Persuasion Techniques ~ The Psychology Of Manipulation is a steal at $27. But in keeping with my philosophy of providing great value I’m also offering these FOUR outstanding Bonus items.

Each one has been carefully chosen to enhance the life-changing information in Dark Persuasion Techniques. Take a look: 


Mastering Your Self-Talk
30-Minute MP3 Hypnosis Audio
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Mastering Your Self-Talk
How many times have you set out to do something with the best of intentions and been sidetracked by your own worst enemy - you? Begin immediately to take productive action while ignoring the "background noise" inside your head. 

With this soothing, 30-minute hypnosis audio you'll learn to access your true power by taking control of your mind and spirit. You’ll immediately release the chatter and unleash the inner winner.

Does any of the following self-talk sound familiar:

  •   “It’ll never work for me.

  •   “I’m so stupid.”

  •   “No one even notices me.”

  •   “All I have is bad luck.”

  •   “What a loser I am.”

  •   “I’m always last at everything.”

  •   “If something bad is going to happen, it'll happen to me."

  •   “Nothing ever works out for me.”

  •   “I'm jinxed.”

  •   “I never win.”

Want to eliminate negative self talk and start being the winner you were born to be? The answer is Mastering Your Self Talk. Simply get to a quiet place, and play the recording. Some people like to play it as they drop off to sleep. You’ll notice that silly negative chatter melting away. This recording normally retails at $14.77 but it’s yours as a Free Bonus when you purchase Dark Persuasion Techniques.

Mastering Your Self Talk  retails for $14.97 but it's yours as a FREE BONUS today as a part of my Dark Persuasion Techniques offer.

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The world is tough and getting tougher every minute. Forces large and small are looking to separate you and yours from freedom, liberty, health, money and more.

Dark Persuasion Techniques is by far the finest offer I've come up with in years. My colleagues are all telling me the price is way too low for such a fine bundle of excellent material. And guess what? I know they're right. One of the reasons I'm putting this great guide on the market for the ridiculously low price of $7.77 is that I want it to be affordable to the people who really need it. 


Attracting Wealth
30-Minute MP3 Hypnosis Audio
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Fear and manipulation keep people inactive and broke most of the time. The truth is, with manipulative programming folks tend to believe they were meant to be without money. In other words, they develop a consciousness of lack, or even poverty. 

I sincerely want you to succeed. And that’s why I’m going to sweeten this offer even more. As an additional bonus and an added incentive to get you on the path to a fruitful, productive life, I want you to have my audio recording entitled, Attracting Wealth.

This is yet another instantly downloadable 30-minute hypnosis MP3 that will allow you to effortlessly eliminate old non-supportive impressions about money and wealth. And the beauty is, this all happens at the subconscious level. 

Attracting Wealth retails for $14.97 but it's yours as a FREE BONUS today as a part of my Dark Persuasion Techniques offer.

Download Only. No Physical Product Available
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Listen, I want your business. But I want it honestly. So I'm not going to hit you with a pop-up as you exit the page giving you a message saying "this is the only time you'll see this offer" and then discount the deal. Some people do that but the next time you visit the site you get the "one time only" offer again. Talk about cheesy sales techniques, huh? I think that says a lot about the seller.


Increasing Concentration
30-Minute MP3 Hypnosis
Audio - Instant Download!

Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Begin immediately to build the mental foundation to practice logical and focused thinking. If you've lacked the self-discipline to remain centered, you will find this 30-minute hypnosis MP3 extremely beneficial. 

Increase problem-solving skills and take note of the subtle details that have been escaping your awareness until now with this remarkable recording. Some people simply play it at bedtime and experience the soothing music while absorbing the powerful message.

Increasing Concentration Hypnosis  retails for $14.97 but it's yours as a FREE BONUS today as a part of my Dark Persuasion Techniques offer.

Download Only. No Physical Product Available
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The Title Says It All

Delightful & Inspiring
Check It Out On Amazon!
Yours Free 
With Dark Persuasion Techniques!

It's obvious to any thinking person that the bloodsuckers are in full attack mode these days and only becoming more ferocious. Doesn't it make sense to get hip to their tricks? Of course it does. Using the information in this excellent guide will serve as your immunization to manipulative organizations and individuals. Are you ready for your metamorphosis?

Dark Persuasion Techniques is the sword and shield you’ll use to combat those who would deliberately try to ambush your life and leave you to wither. I strongly encourage you to pick up the sword and shield and to make your way through the rest of your life with a cool and cautious, yet self-assured and confidant posture. You'll no longer take crap from anyone! You only lose if you let the human parasites win.

Dark Persuasion Techniques - The Psychology Of Manipulation
ONLY $27!

That's about it. The bonus items alone retail for $48.68. And these are not meaningless fluffy, filler bonus items. These products are actually for sale at the retail prices shown here. Don't hesitate. Get Dark Persuasion Techniques NOW and tell the human parasites to kiss your aspirations!

To Your Future Success and Happiness,

P.S There’s an old saying that goes like this, If you’re in a poker game and can't figure out who the sucker is, guess what? It’s you. Life is a poker game, and in far too many cases, a rigged poker game. If you're tired of playing with little or no chance of winning, isn't it time to get free? Understand the real rules. Break free and get your share of life's rewards.

P.P.S I've included a couple of nice "unannounced" additional bonuses in the deal you're going to just love, and they compliment Dark Persuasion Techniques perfectly. I guess you'd have to read all the way to the end to find out about it. ;)

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